White Paper

1. Introduction:

Smartie Coin introduces a novel approach to decentralized transactions, addressing the challenges faced by traditional financial systems.

2. Vision and Mission:

The vision of Smartie Coin is to establish a decentralized financial ecosystem that is accessible and user-friendly. Our mission is to achieve this by providing a secure, efficient, and community-driven digital currency.

3. Technology:

Smartie Coin employs a blockchain that utilizes the YesPower CPU only mining algorithm. This ensures fair participation in securing the network, allowing anyone with a CPU to contribute to the mining process. The technology behind Smartie Coin enables quick and secure transactions, fostering widespread adoption.

4. Coin nomics:

The total supply of Smartie Coin is capped at 200,000,000 coins.
Distribution is designed to ensure a fair and decentralized ownership structure.

5. Mining Specs:

The block time is set to 60 seconds, and each block rewards miners with 10 Smartie Coins. Confirmations are required to validate transactions, with 6 confirmations for regular transactions and 101 confirmations to mature a block.

6. Operational Expenses:

A 5% pre-mine is allocated for operational expenses. This includes funds for paid hosting, exchange listing fees, discord bots, and any other requirements essential for the ongoing development and improvement of Smartie Coin.

7. Conclusion:

In conclusion, Smartie Coin stands as a robust digital currency with a focus on accessibility, security, and community-driven development. The 5% pre-mine ensures ongoing operational support, allowing Smartie Coin to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of digital currencies.

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